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Project of the week – “D-Cult“

Project of the week – “D-Cult“

Access to D-CULT for German experts

Access to D-CULT for German experts

Virtual Museum tour

Virtual Museum Tour

27th-28th Mar 2019 – Meeting at Palazzo Ziino – Palermo, Italy

The Mid-Term-Meeting for D-CULT Project was held in Palermo, on the 27th/28th of March, 2019.

25-28 Sep 2018 / Paths towards Citizenship Conference @ Palermo, Italy

D-Cult was one of the four selected projects on the Fighting Radicalism through Cultural Heritage panel at the Paths towards Citizenship through Cultural Heritage

6-7 Sep 2018 / 2nd Developer Workshop @ Velenje, Slovenia

Project Partners gathered in Velenje, Slovenia for a 2-day workshop

10 Apr 2018 / 1st Developers’ Workshop @ Vienna, Austria

The Partners’ Second Transnational Meeting took place in Vienna on 10th April.

22 Mar 2018 / Stakeholders’ Workshop @ Palermo, Italy

CESMED hosted the First Italian Stakeholders’ Meeting tailored to jointly design a shared cultural event celebrating.

9 Mar 2018 / Dissemination Day @ Palermo, Italy

CESMED, Comune di Palermo, Città Metropolitana di Palermo, Eurispes Sicilia welcomed all potential stakeholders at the Italian Dissemination Day. 

1 Mar 2018 / Italian Newsletter

With some 600,000 arrivals over the last five years, Italy is at the forefront of Europe’s immigration issues as well as a key player in ENI-Med