27th-28th  Mar 2019 – Meeting at Palazzo Ziino – Palermo, Italy

The  Mid-Term-Meeting for D-CULT Project was held in Palermo, on the 27th/28th of March, 2019.

The meeting was opened by Palermo Municipal Culture Councillor Adham M. Darawsha, who expressed his good will to support the activities of the project because of his interest in the intellectual outputs to end positively the project.

Moreover, staff from high school Pietro Piazza, in Palermo, represented by Prof. Daniela Maria Comparato, Prof. Concetta Gagliano and Prof. Giuseppe Gentile participated in the meeting. They introduced and described the elements of their partnership and collaboration with Cesmed  in order to realize the activities of D-Cult Project

Finally, Dr. Daniele Alberti, Cesmed’s ICT expert, introduced the Virtual Museum and the Working Platform for the third and the fourth intellectual outputs, giving the audience insights into the functional and content aspects of these two instruments tailored to the interaction of partners and users.


25-28 Sep 2018 / Paths towards Citizenship Conference @ Palermo, Italy

D-Cult was one of the four selected projects on the Fighting Radicalism through Cultural Heritage panel at the Paths towards Citizenship through Cultural Heritage conference that took place in Palermo, the 2018 Italian Capital of Culture, from 25th to 28th September.

We showcased our method to make  heritage the catalyst of integration, to strengthen European identity, and to bridge cultures to an audience consisting of the local public and hundreds of Erasmus+ national delegates from 27 EU countries, in addition to Turkey.

6-7 Sep 2018 / 2nd Developer Workshop @ Velenje, Slovenia


Project Partners gathered in Velenje, Slovenia for a 2-day workshop focusing on the development of Outputs 1 and 2 modules and activities:

– multi-cultural awareness
– environmental awareness
– enriching the new environment
– living together
– self-expression
– investigation abilities
– communication and
– collaboration skills

10 Apr 2018 / 1st Developers’ Workshop @ Vienna, Austria





The Partners’ Second Transnational Meeting took place in Vienna on 10th April.

Organisation representatives gathered  to talk over Intellectual Outputs 1 (Toolkit), 2 (Curriculum) and 3 (Platform).

22 Mar 2018 / Stakeholders’ Workshop @ Palermo, Italy

CESMED hosted the First Italian Stakeholders’ Meeting tailored to jointly design a shared cultural event celebrating. The Meeting was attended by associations representing the communities of Ghana, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh,  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania-Moldova.

9 Mar 2018 / Dissemination Day @ Palermo, Italy

CESMED, Comune di Palermo, Città Metropolitana di Palermo, Eurispes Sicilia welcomed all potential stakeholders at the Italian Dissemination Day. 

The Day was attended by associations and consulates from the communities of Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova.

To dowload the Meeting Minute, please click here.

1 Mar 2018 / Italian Newsletter

With some 600,000 arrivals over the last five years, Italy is at the forefront of Europe’s immigration issues as well as a key player in ENI-Med, the European Neighbourhood Initiative, the Commission’s Programme building bridges between the Northern and Southern shores of the Mediterranean.

To learn about CESMED’s insights into immigration related issues in Italy, and Sicily in particular, please click on the image to the left.

15 Feb 2018 / Italian Flyer

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Do you wish to know more about the Project Partners, the Associate Partners and our

D-Cult’s five Intellectual Outputs?
Then go ahead, and click on the images to view our Italian Flyer.

9 Jan 2018 / Kick-off Meeting @ Palermo, Italy

The Project Partners’ for the Project Kick-off Meeting took place on 9th January.

Organisation representatives from Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Germany and Austria gathered in Palermo to start discussing the agenda and drenched themselves into the festive atmosphere of the 2018 Italian Capital of Culture.