Palermo, Italy 
CESMED is the Project Lead Partner and has actively operated in the training and career counselling fields since 1988. It is a credited-trainer for professionals as well as job-seekers.
Over the years, CESMED expanded its services to a wide range of highly specialised fields such as training and careers counselling and guidance and social inclusion via pilot-projects, internships and dual training systems such as learning and working, in partnership with businesses, secondary schools and Universities.
CESMED benefits from a network of experts focusing on social research, public policy and project evaluation, complex project planning and management and accounting and can therefore offer a practical, horizontal, multi-disciplinary approach in response to any need to plan, design, evaluate and monitor and manage activities SMEs as well as public bodies.

Contact person
Silvana Di Girolamo, D-Cult Project Manager

Velenje, Slovenia
As a non-profit organisation we provide seminars, courses and workshops for education and training in relation to the work place and to society. We are also offering consulting and research in these fields in order to prepare the countries of the West Balkan who will soon become eligible for participating in European programmes. At INTEGRA, we specialise in:

  • training of social competences
  • teambuilding and balance of competences
  • learning by contrasts (diversity & gender)
  • labor market related subjects such as job coaching
  • train-the-trainer programs

Our highly motivated team uses innovative, lively, empathetic and efficient methods for learners who want to

  • discover their potentials
  • develop individual strengths and skills
  • gain confidence in their own creative power

All our trainings and project designs take into consideration the specific life- and work-situations of our participants, and especially their respective intercultural situation.


Contact person

Sonja Bercko Eisenreich, Director



Vienna, Austria 

E-C-C focuses on the interdidciplinary approach at  personal and vocational coaching and counselling. For more than ten years, our team of experienced and qualified counsellors, coaches and trainers has been collaborating with European social and psychological institutions, education providers, labour market organisations,and other transnational project coordinators .

We are specialised in the following themes:

  • Training of social competences
  • Team development & balance of competences
  • Key competences
  • Psychology and mental health
  • Diversity & gender
  • Train the trainer programmes
  • European integration
  • Labour market

Our know-how in design and elaboration of training and qualification measures and of European collaboration projects takes into account the respective special living and working situation of our clients and of their intercultural situaion  in their  countries.

Our creativity for a new and innovative appproach will has served as key factor for successful work in the Lifelong Learning Programme, and also in the  ERASMUS+ Programme 2014-2020.


Contact person

Wolfgang Eisenreich, Project Manager


Bad Mergentheim & Berlin, Germany 

Kultur und Arbeit EV is a registered association which was founded in 2005 as a direct outcome of an ESF-funded research project called vertikult. vertikult was implemented 2002 – 2005 with 9 European partners from research and application with the aim of developing economic services for the field of culture. vertikult is still available on Facebook and offers cultural economic services with an employment service for cultural workers and relevant information about transfer activities from culture into market. It targets with its content all German speaking communities and minorities.

The association offers expertise in market research studies (lately done in the fields of cultural economy and cultural tourism). ACW has its own programme for supporting start-up companies in the cultural economy and companies, which want to open up new business fields. Qualifying cultural workers for the market is a special focus.

The association publishes books and brochures on cultural economic topics and supports municipalities in tourism, city marketing and regional development with instruments of cultural economy. A recent focus is non cultural tourism in rural areas.

Contact person

Karin Drda-Kühn, General Manager


Malaga, Spain

UMA has been one of Spain’s major academic institutions, since being established in 1972: UMA entertains bilateral agreements with hundreds of universities worldwide, and takes part in as many international research programmes, enabling it to offer a wide range of services, including academic and professional conunselling. UMA will contribute to D-Cult by means of the extensive experience it has accumulated over the years in projects dealing with migrants and integration-realted issues in the Iberian peninsula, focusing on the effects on the wider community, resilience, social support, health system and, more generally, social welfare.

Contact person

José Jesùs Delgado Peña, Project Manager